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*** 2 Week Lead Time***

Pancake Pete Front Footholds, for Super Jet, Fx1, Rickter, SXR, etc.

For all holds, you can either Glass in or screw in.



Pancake Pete Front Foothold (PPFF) Installation Instructions


1. Prep The Tray.

a. Remove the dash panel and or turf from the tray. Also remove the choke knob, fuel selector valve, hood latch and any other misc items attached to the dash.

b. If glassing in you will need to remove any turf on the sides and bottom as well.

c. Now is a good time to remove the electrical box as well. Be sure to unbolt it using the 2 12mm nuts.


2. Test Fit.

a. Take your PPFF and place it up against the dash. Depending on your ski or installation method you may need to trim the sides of the foothold to get it to fit nice. You will want the lower part and flat dash part to sit flat against the hull. Be sure to do any cutting and grinding now to make a nice clean fit. 

b. Now is a good time to set the desired height of the foot hold.


3. Drill it.

a. With the foot hold in place, use a marker to mark the holes for all the accessories and hood latch.

b. Remove the foot hold form the ski and use a drill to make the appropriate holes in the PPFF.

c. Test fit the PPFF again to be sure all holes line up properly

d. Temporarily install the hood latch to hold the PPFF in place.

e. Now with the foot hold in place drill two or three holes in the lower flange with the appropriate size drill bit. Be careful not to hit anything inside the ski. If you have minimal items on your dash it is advised to add two additional bolts to each side of the top mounting plate as well. (Hardware Not Included)


4. Epoxy it. (Skip steps a and c if you choose not to epoxy)

a. Remove the PPFF and sand all points of contact were epoxy will be applied. 220grit is recommended to give a good texture for epoxy to adhere.

b. Thoroughly wash off / vacuum any fiberglass dust from sanding, grinding and drilling the foot hold and ski.

c. Mix up some epoxy and adhesive filler (Pancake Pete recommends West Systems epoxy and 404 filler) and apply a thin layer to contact points on PPFF.

d. Carefully place foothold in place.


5. Fasten and Clean.

a. Using stainless nuts and bolts (Not Supplied) Bolt your foot hold in place. Rivets may also be used but will make it more difficult to remove.

b. If epoxy was used, wipe off any excess epoxy that might have seeped out while tightening. A Q-tip works well for the smaller holes. It is important to be sure all holes are clean.

c. Wait until epoxy dries. Time may vary due to epoxy type and temperature.

d. If it is desired 1-2 layers of fiberglass may be used around the edges of the PPFF to ensure an even stronger installation.



6. Sand and Turf.

a. Now that the PPFF is installed you may now install turf. (Pancake Pete Recommends Hydro-Turf)

b. If you did not epoxy the PPFF in you may remove it to install the turf.

c. Sand the entire foot hold where turf will be applied as well as the turf (Be sure to clean the dust off)

d. Be sure to cut enough turf to cover the entire hold.

e. Apply 2 coats of contact cement to both the foot hold and turf and allow to fully dry between coats. (Pancake Pete recommends Hydro-Turf or DAP brand contact cement)

f. Using a heat gun or hair dryer mold the turf to the foot hold, be sure to press firmly.


7. Assemble

a. If you removed the foot hold to turf, re-install and install all accessories in the dash panel. It is recommended to trim the turf off where the hood latch is to ensure proper latching.

b. Re install your electrical box. You may need to trim the bolts for your PPFF depending on the length of bolts used.





Pancake Pete Foothold

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