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Hose is designed to work with our Rad dudes 2'' upgrade waterbox and other aftermarket waterboxes with 2'' inlet/outlets. With one end being 1 3/4'' it allows you to go from any Westcoast, Coffman, Kerker, and oem pipe to a 2'' inlet on the waterbox. For pipes with a 2'' outlet please use the 2x2'' hose.


90deg end of the hose is 2'' and straight section is 1 3/4''

Combo pack includes one 2"x2" hose & one 2" x 1 3/4" hose.

2"x 1 3/4" is used on stinger pipes with an OEM O.D.


12'' overall length


X2 90deg 2'' outlet and 1 3/4'' inlet hose

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